configparser and ConfigParser are different

LLVM builds with me on the release_33 branch, but fails on trunk. I
bisected the problem to this commit:

commit b49fb7bcd5001567d2da06f6a6e1c7ba79649e1b
Author: Daniel Dunbar <>

    [llvm-build] Make Py3 compatible.


Specifically, the problem is that configparser and ConfigParser
apparently expose subtly different interfaces. Indeed, the attached
patch fixes the problem for me (with python 2.7.4). I haven't yet
investigated how the two modules are different, and obviously this
isn't the right patch.

More investigation coming up.


0001-llvm-build-Fix-the-build-in-the-most-ridiculous-mann.patch (798 Bytes)

Okay, I've traced it to a bug in configparser, which on my python
2.7.4 system is a backport of configparser from python 3. Here is a
clean patch that works around the problem.


0001-llvm-build-Work-around-a-bug-in-the-backported-confi.patch (1.16 KB)

This has already been fixed upstream, but it would still be nice to
apply my LLVM patch so that more systems work unmodified. I got a
broken version out of stock Ubuntu 13.04.