ConfigStatusScript Confusion

I’ve run into a bizarre error in which LLVM_SRC/Makefile.rules is trying to access a file that doesn’t exist, even though I’ve made sure to correctly reference the needed file. In LLVM_SRC/Makefile.rules, lines 183 and 184 reference the variable ConfigStatusScript, which is defined as $(PROJ_OBJ_ROOT)/config.status. Given the way PROJ_OBJ_ROOT is defined, this means ConfigStatusScript is defined as LLVM_OBJ/config.status. However, lines 183 and 184 appear to searching for the file “config.status” in LLVM_SRC/projects/safecode/tools/clang. Here is some text from the command line that illustrates the problem:

Peters-MacBook-Pro:clang peterfinn$ make VERBOSE=1
llvm[0]: Reconfiguring with /Users/peterfinn/Desktop/llvm_trunk_2/configure
cd /Users/peterfinn/Desktop/llvm_trunk_2/projects/safecode/tools/clang &&
/Users/peterfinn/Desktop/llvm_trunk_2/projects/safecode/tools/clang/config.status --recheck &&
/bin/sh: /Users/peterfinn/Desktop/llvm_trunk_2/projects/safecode/tools/clang/config.status: No such file or directory

Do you have any idea why this might be happening? I’m stuck until I can resolve this problem.

Peter Finn