Configuration for building llvm on Sun T1 machine?

Has anyone tried to build llvm on Sun T1 machine with ubuntu?
I got a bunch of error when building it. It seems that the
configuration doesn’t work well.

I am getting error as:
…/llvm/llvm-2.3/include/llvm/ADT/iterator:55:4: error: #error “Need to have standard iterator to define bidirectional iterator!”
make[1]: *** […/llvm/llvm-2.3/lib/System/Release/Signals.o] Error 1
llvm[1]: Compiling TimeValue.cpp for Release build
make[1]: Target all' not remade because of errors. make[1]: Leaving directory /x/pchsu/cccp/llvm/llvm-2.3/lib/System’
make: *** [all] Error 1

Anyone has ideas how to fix it?