./configure[384]: test: Files/Microsoft: unexpected operator/operand


When I run configure on Interix, I get these four error messages:


It looks like the PATH variable in the configure script at line 384 isn't getting quoted properly. The "Files/Microsoft" is probably part of "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\...". The spaces cause it to be interpreted as separate words so it fails.

I don't have time to look at this in detail right now. Have a look at the configure script and see if you can figure out what in configure.ac isn't quoted properly for Interix. Perhaps its just your $PATH variable.


Henrik Bach wrote:


The problem looks to be spaces in your PATH variable. The code emitted
to the configure script is searching through your $PATH variable for an
echo program it can use to unquote things. I suggest, for now, that you
remove any items from your Interix (not Windows) PATH that contain

As for Interix support in general, I'm having a hard time determining
which variant of Unix Interix implements. It seems to be partially Posix
1 and partially Posix 2 based. Do you have any further information
related to the specific standards supported by Interix? I don't want to
incorrectly categorize the Interix support.