Configure `clang-format` to pass Linux's `` checks


I am using `clang-format` to automatically format all the C code I produce. Then, in my CI pipelines, I am executing Linux's ``[0] script to verify the style matches the one expected by the Linux kernel style guide[1].

Until very recently, that worked just fine, but I have now found a case were it does not.

The question I have is better explained (and includes the required C source code) in Stack Overflow:

Basically, I am initializing an array of structs and `clang-format` is breaking braces "{", but that is something `` would not allow. I am unable to find a `clang-format` configuration that prevents those breaks before the braces.

Thanks in advance for your help,


[1]: Linux kernel coding style — The Linux Kernel documentation

Hi Miguel,

Please see my answer here: