configure testing for linker flags using llvm-gcc


I tried to build glibc-2.7 with llvm-gcc4.2.
First problem I hit is that glibc tests for -z relro linker flag support
using this command:
${CC-cc} -v --help 2>&1|grep "z relro"

This test fails for llvm-gcc since it doesn't output linker's --help.

I bypassed this check temporarely by editing configure, but my question
is where does this bug belong to?
Is it an llvm-gcc bug, or is it glibc's configure bug?

FWIW I tried icc, and it doesn't output "z relro" either when passed "-v

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I suspect there is an APPLE LOCAL changes that avoid running ld with --help, as darwin's ld doesn't have that flag. That code should be conditionalized better for darwin. So, that'd be a llvm-gcc-4.2 bug.