Consistently prefixing llvm/bin executables

Has it ever been considered to prefix executables like opt, bugpoint,
obj2yaml, yaml2obj and macho-dump with llvm-?

Especially things like 'opt' are too generic of a name and very
likely to clash with existing stuff in $PATH.

FYI, macho-dump doesn't exist anymore.
That said, I understand the concerns for binutils equivalent (and maybe
opt), but I don't think it's too much a concern for all the other
tools. All the binutils equivalent have llvm- prefix as far as I can tell.
Also, as a downside, prefixing llvm- makes the name more verbose
(which I dislike).

My $0.02,

Which could be circumvented with a driver/wrapper named llvm:

$ llvm ld ....
$ llvm opt ...
$ llvm cc
$ llvm db
$ llvm ranlib
$ llvm bugpoint
$ llvm yaml2obj