ConstantExpr refactoring

Hi all,

After 6 months away, I'm looking for some low impact, unimportant area
of LLVM to get back in sync with the code base.

Is anyone looking at this bug:

Is it still valid/desired?

Yes, that's definitely still desired. I wouldn't say it is "low impact" though :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know. :wink:

I'm looking for something that is not required for next-release
schedule or for the next big-thing to happen. Something which I can
take my time to code and that can take months to finish, but it's
reasonably self contained.

I remember being bitten by the automatic folding when building
front-ends, so I thought that it'd be a good self-contained project.
If no one else is planning on working on that for the next months,
I'll put my name in and see how it goes from here. Of course, if you
have a better idea, I'm all ears... :wink: