constructor inheritance in 3.3?

Sorry, to be clear, here is the link I was referring to:

Also, by “SA” I meant I would have to bother one of our sys admins to upgrade the software on this environment (if you tell me it is in fact supported in later version).

Support was completed in 179154:

(there have been a few bug fixes since then)


Thanks – I went ahead and upgraded to the latest, 3.4 (trunk 187493) and works fine now.

BTW – I have found a couple bugs in 3.3 (also in this 3.4 version) that I’m going to file reports for soon – one involving casting reference-to-volatile not inducing volatile semantics like it should, the other is incorrect implementation of std::is_pod. Nothing too critical, but bugs nevertheless.

Overall, you guys make a great product, and competition is always a good thing… I use gcc also (the latest of 4.8 branch) but recently switched to using it as my backup compiler instead of primary compiler. Keep up the good work.