Continuation lines in @str string literal constants in LLVM IR

I am working on a project to extract mathematical functionality from code. I am working with the LLVM IR that results from parsing C and disassembling the .bc file to a .ll file which I analyze. A few weeks ago, I noticed that the “@.str…” constants resulting from the use of string literals in “printf()” and similar had a multi-line form with continuation lines beginning with "+ " ( a + and 2 blanks). More recent processing does not have the continuations and has the results in a single, long, line for each literal.

The later is much easier to work with, but am concerned that the format might change, again. Does anyone know what is going on? In both cases, the .ll file has the following line in the bottom notes: !4 = !{!“Homebrew clang version 17.0.3”} I As far as I can tell, the only mention of @.str in the LLVM IR Reference manual is a one line example in the module structure section.