Contract openings to work on Clang and LLDB with Embarcadero

Embarcadero’s R&D team is seeking contractors to work on Clang and LLDB primarily, as well as LLVM.

Embarcadero makes C++Builder, a C++ IDE and compiler for several platforms, which extends Clang with a number of language extensions. We also make Delphi, an Object Pascal IDE and language, and the two languages interoperate and are ABI-compatible across all platforms (currently Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and very soon Linux), including language extensions to C++. For example, we support ARC, packages (dynamic libraries with strong type information, class registration, etc), much more extensive RTTI than in standardised C++, etc.

You will be working with the internal team to extend Clang, as well as on platform support. For LLDB, you will be working on adding support for those language extensions, as well as extending LLDB to better handle frontends for non-C-based languages (like Delphi.) Sound interesting? Great :slight_smile:

We tend to contract with companies, so are seeking either a company which provides Clang/LLDB consulting work, or if you’re an individual that’s fine but you should have your own LLC or similar. Work can be in any location worldwide, apart from the obvious ones that provide problems for US-based companies such as Iran. You’ll be working with people located in both America and Europe.

Please send all responses to Nick Hodges at nick dot hodges at embarcadero dot com, including experience and CV.