contributing a patch?

Hello all,

The instructions at are very minimal on how to contribute to lldb, and after reading the instructions at, I am unsure what applies and what does not.

At this point I have generated and attached a patch. The changes are primarily to lldb-mi: fixing bugs and filling gaps needed for our use of lldb-mi. How can I start a code review/official submission process?



patch.diff (80.2 KB)

Hi Chuck, I’ll update the instructions for submitting a patch. In the meantime, the best way to get the ball rolling is to:

a) Create a Phabricator account
b) Subscribe to lldb-commits mailing list
c) Upload your patch to Phabricator (click Differential on the left hand pane, and then click “+ Create Diff” in the top right corner, and attach your patch there).
d) When you get to the step where you fill in reviewers, etc please make sure lldb-commits is CC’ed, and include some people as reviewers. For this particular change, I would suggest adding Jim Ingham for the line in BreakpointLocation.cpp and abidh for the MI changes (we should probably make a CODE_OWNERS.txt in root lldb so you’ll be able to figure this out for yourself). People will add additional reviewers as necessary.

Note, this also looks like a pretty big patch that covers a bunch of problems, which is going to make it pretty hard to review. It would be best to submit separate patches for each issue you addressed, saying what the issue was. If you needed to do some more general infrastructure work, separate that out and submit that as well.

Thanks for working on this, BTW!


Yes. Do a separate review for each problem, please.


Thank you for the help. Here is the link to my first review:

Please let me know if there are additional steps I need to take.