Conversion of GPU kernel failed because 'gpu-to-cubin' pipeline was not found

I failed to compile simple add to GPU executable code because ‘gpu-to-cubin’ pipeline was not found.
the commit id is 00a12585933ef63ff1204bf5cd265f0071d04642
is there anyone who knows about this?

> mlir-opt add.mlir \
 -gpu-kernel-outlining \
 -pass-pipeline='gpu.module(strip-debuginfo,convert-gpu-to-nvvm,gpu-to-cubin)' \
  -o add.opt.mlir
MLIR Textual PassPipeline Parser:1:48: error: 'gpu-to-cubin' does not refer to a registered pass or pass pipeline
gpu.module(strip-debuginfo,convert-gpu-to-nvvm,gpu-to-cubin                                            ^


module {
  func.func @add(%a: memref<?xf32>, %b: memref<?xf32>, %c: memref<?xf32>) {
    affine.for %arg3 = 0 to 256 {
      %0 = affine.load %a[%arg3] : memref<?xf32>
      %1 = affine.load %b[%arg3] : memref<?xf32>
      %2 = arith.addf %0, %1 : f32 %2, %c[%arg3] : memref<?xf32>

I found I just needed to add -DMLIR_ENABLE_CUDA_RUNNER=ON when configuring the project.

Is this project gpu-codegen-upstream branch? I hoped to build it but failed. Could you tell me how to build it?thanks!