Convert commands in make to llmv commands for code analysis

This URL mentions using LLVM IR to perform code analysis.

But the first problem to solve is how to convert the commands used in
Makefiles to the corresponding LLVM commands.

The above URL shows the makefile screen output from the bash source
code. Where `gcc -c`, `gcc` (link with -L -l), `ar` are used.

Note that an archive (.a) file is created by combining many .o files
in bash source code make output.

However, LLVM does not have llvm-ld anymore. So there is no way to
create a library file.Mising the ability to create an archive file in
LLVM can cause trouble to mimic the compile flow using make.

Does anybody have any good solution to this problem?

Hi Peng,
Maybe you can install wllvm[1] and after use something like make CC=wllvm ?



What about the AR make variable?

Not sure but can’t you use llvm-link?