Cool projects with LLVM page, please help! :)

Hi everyone,

I'm putting together a "cool projects with LLVM" page, in order to fix
"bug" 175:

If you have used LLVM for a project, we would like to include your
writeup/slides/quarterly results/whatever on the page to show some of the
cool things that have been done with LLVM, but which aren't necessarily
included in the mainline distribution.

I know that LLVM was used in at least some course projects in the
following UIUC classes: CS497CZ, CS497YYZ, CS426(2003), CS426(2002),
CS321, and in COMP4133 at the University of New South Wales, AU. If there
are others, please let me know, and please forward this request to anyone
you know who may have worked on a project with LLVM, but isn't currently
on llvmdev.

If you did use LLVM in a course project (or do so in the future), please
send me whatever material you produced for the project that you want put
up on the web page, for example: the final report, slides, or poster (I'm
not really looking for source code). Any format is fine, though PDF,
HTML, and PPT are prefered. In addition, please let me know what you did
the project for (a class, other?) and send me a paragraph long
blurb/abstract that describes your project for the page. For example, for
the Jello project that Brian, Misha and I worked on (which eventually
turned into the LLVM JIT), this would work:

"We present the design and implementation of a Just-In-Time (JIT)
compiler, Jello, written using the LLVM compiler framework. We initially
implemented it for the Intel IA32 architecture but it is easily
retargetable to others without extensive platform-specific code. Our
approach involves a modified representation of machine code that can
support both abstract machine code in Static Single-Assignment (SSA) form
and a fully concrete machine-specific representation. We enjoy the
benefit of having the ability to apply both machine-agnostic
transformations to our abstract code such as register allocation and
platform-independent optimizations. The design of our JIT compiler enables
virtual machine research and extends the abilities of the LLVM compiler

... which is just the abstract from the report.

I'd like to get a few examples up in the next day or so, to have them up
before the 1.1 release, but I will of course include them any time they
get sent to me. I'll have a framework for the web page up tommorow, with
a couple of examples that I can scrounge up locally, but the best papers
are those that aren't done by the "core llvm people". :slight_smile: