Copyright notice for the repository?


My company is interested in contributing to the project. They notice however that the LLVM project does not have a Copyright notice file in the repo, and the documentation says that Copyright assignments are not collected (one can figure it out inspecting the git history).

As such, my company is concerned about not being able to fullfil the Redistribution requirements of the Apache 2.0 license, since Copyright information is not available in a distributable format. E.g. if one redistributes a tarball of the repo, the git information is lost and so is the Copyright holder information (which is only available in the repository).

Therefore we’d like to know how the Redistribution requirements of the Apache license are satisfied in that case, so that we can contribute in a compliant way.


@carlosgalvezp Does this address your concerns: Board Meeting Minutes - May 2022 - #6 by tonic

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For further legal questions, please email

Will do, thank you for the fast response!

@tonic I have not received response nor confirmation that my email was received since almost 1 month ago. I fully understand that these things take time, but would you be able to share some progress or confirm that you received my email? I have asked the same question to the above email without success, thus I’m trying to reach out here.