Could not find clang line from Scan-build

hi all:
I used the checker-275 scan a iOS project ,then the error throwed:

/Users/mqq/hudson/clang_weibo_iphone/WTLoginSDKForIOS/WTLogin/WTLogin-Prefix.pch -MMD -MT dependencies -MF /Users/mqq/hudson/clang_weibo_iphone/WTLoginSDKForIOS/build/ --serialize-diagnostics /Users/mqq/hudson/clang_weibo_iphone/WTLoginSDKForIOS/build/ -c /Users/mqq/hudson/clang_weibo_iphone/WTLoginSDKForIOS/WTLoginSDKForIOS/JSON/Classes/Wl_SBJsonStreamParserAccumulator.m -o /Users/mqq/hudson/clang_weibo_iphone/WTLoginSDKForIOS/build/!
could not find clang line
Command /data/checker/libexec/ccc-analyzer failed with exit code 255

Has anyone seem it before? Incloesd file is the scan script and the scan log , Can someone give me tips ?
Thanks all.

Howard Ling

scan.rar (8.37 KB)

hi Howard,

if you look carefully into your log file, you will see other error
messages like:

  Reason: Can't exec "clang": No such file or directory at [...]

so, as it says the `ccc-analyzer` can't find your `clang`
executable... `ccc-analyzer` is a perl script which use `exec` to call
`clang`. presume it means you need clang dir in your $PATH.