could you plz answer my question about __is_trivially_constructible(Tp) in type_traits header file

hi man , With all due respect I saw you have ever committed some code to LLVM project)( , I am reading the source code about meta-programming in the file - type_traits in the line number 3445 , “__is_trivially_constructible<…>” is curious to me , but I can not find the definition of the value , could you please tell where I can find the definition about __is_trivially_constructible ? template <class _Tp, class… _Args> struct _LIBCPP_TEMPLATE_VIS is_trivially_constructible : integral_constant<bool, __is_trivially_constructible(_Tp, _Args…)> { }; similarly, if I can understand the meaning of “__is_trivially_constructible” , I can understand __is_trivial ,__is_trivially_copyable , etc thank you in advance .

It’s a compiler builtin, implemented here:

Thanks a lot! I got , the definition is in compiler

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