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Dear everyone,

Your code is slow and you are interested in performance optimization for scientific software? Figuring out where’s the bottlenecks guided by performance evaluation tools.

If you are interested in porting your code to a HPC hardware platform and architecture, than OpenACC as a user-driven directive-based performance-portable parallel programming model might be a solution.
What are the difference of OpenMP and OpenACC directive APIs? OpenACC uses directives to tell the compiler where and how to parallelize loops.

You would like to look behind of the Spack Package Manager for HPC Clusters? Get an insight and talk to the Spack developer. Bring order to your software chaos and get how to automate the installation of complex sets of software packages.

If you are interested, then register :slightly_smiling_face:to the special HPC Day ( at Goethe University in Frankfurt on June 13 and meet our great speakers in person:

  • Gregory Becker, Spack developer from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), CA, USA
  • Joel E. Denny, OpenACC developer from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), TN, USA
  • Sameer Shende, TAU developer and Director of the Performance Research Laboratory at the University of Oregon, USA

If you have any question, please let us know. Just send an email to

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Hi Anja,

Thanks for your email, but please know that general conference advertisements are considered off topic for the LLVM mailing lists. In the future if they are somehow related to LLVM technologies, please make it clear in the post. Thanks!


Dear Chris,

Thank you for your email. I appreciate it. This is totally llvm related, because Sameer Shende and Joel Denny will explain their specific topic based on LLVM compiler.

Everyone who is interested in and Frankfurt am Main is not far away, you are highly welcome.

Kind Regards

Thanks Anja!