Crash in SmallVector with latest MSVC 2019 (debug mode)

Is anybody using the LLVM/clang/lldb compiled with the MSVC 2019 (x86-32bit) successfully?
I am getting crash in SmallVector at multiple places after a llvm:SmallVector is being moved around in move constructor or move operator=.
Not sure what is going on.

~SmallVectorImpl() {
if (!this->isSmall())
free(this->begin()); // <=== crash here, line 336 SmallVector.h

The crash occurs only with clang compile in debug mode. Release mode is fine.

The crash occurs only with clang compile in debug mode.

Sanity check: you’re not mixing clang in debug mode with LLVM in release mode, right?
I’ve seen similar crashes in DenseMap when I accidentally did the above.

I don’t think there is anymore upstream LLVM testing for 32-bit MSVC. I’ll run a local build in this configuration and look into it. I’ll use this compiler version:
Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 19.24.28315 for x86

We had so many issues in clang-cl around calling conventions for “small” objects with interior pointers, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are bugs.

I was able to reproduce the problem. It seems to relate to the use of a UniqueVector (which uses std::vector internally) of SmallVectors here:

Aside from potential MSVC bugs, this is a poor choice of data structures. I would suggest using a SmallVector<T, 0> or std::vector instead. So, we could commit that as a workaround.

Relatedly, debug MSVC tablegen builds are still unusably slow. :frowning:

Thank you.

Yes the bug occurs in tablegen first but even if you bypass tablegen-debug it will eventually occur elsewhere too (llvm, lldb etc)…

I’ll try to reduce the problem in a isolated test case and submit a bug to Microsoft.
Sadly I am stuck with 32-bit compile for now because we use liblldb.dll and libclang.dll as in-process DLL inside a 32-bit .exe.

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