crash in TOT lldb

In case anyone is working on the head of the lldb sources, I wanted to let everyone know that any use of command regex will result in a crash right now. It's fallout from Enrico's changes in r164865, I'm sure it will be easy to fix but he may not see the problem until after the weekend. I'm working on some other things right now and don't have time to look at it myself.

(I had a command regex alias in my ~/.lldbinit and it took a little time to figure out why lldb was crashing all of the sudden.)

I don't think many people will have a regex command alias defined in their ~/.lldbinit and be living off of the current svn sources so this doesn't warrant rolling back Enrico's change or stopping my own work to fix - but I wanted to let people know in case they hit it over the weekend.


I will try and fix it ASAP. Thanks for letting me know!

Enrico Granata
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