Crash reporting in lldb

Hi all,

I’d like to integrate crash reporting into lldb by integrating Google Breakpad.

It will only be enabled when the user has allowed it.

There are a couple of options here:

  1. integrate this only downstream in our repo
  2. integrate in lldb ToT, defaulted to off by #defines
  3. integrate in lldb ToT without #define requirements

I would prefer #3



Hi Vince,

In general I like the idea of supporting crash reporting like this
(assuming it's opt-in for the user) and would personally be happy to
have it available in a default build.

Two questions:

- Does breakpad have the same OS support we have on LLDB today (OS

- What do you think about hoisting the integration up to LLVM and
sharing the same infrastructure across other projects? (I think LLDB
would receive much more benefit from something like Breakpad than
other projects, but I'm just curious.)


I agree with Ed in that this should be built into llvm and we should just use the functionality that is in llvm.