Crash when using InstallLazyFunctionCreator and JIT on Linux x64.

Hi everyone,
I'm running into a problem using JIT compilation on Linux x86-64.
LLVM revision is 62079.
I've installed a lazy function creator using InstallLazyFunctionCreator().
I return the value 0x5ce64e from my lazyFunctionCreator function.
However, the disassembled JIT'd function looks like this:

0x00007f45ef2b6018: sub $0x8,%rsp
0x00007f45ef2b601c: mov $0x7f45ef2b6010,%rax
0x00007f45ef2b6026: movss (%rax,%riz,1),%xmm0
0x00007f45ef2b602b: movss %xmm0,0x4(%rsp)
0x00007f45ef2b6031: callq 0x7f46005ce64e
0x00007f45ef2b6036: ucomiss 0x4(%rsp),%xmm0
0x00007f45ef2b603b: setnp %cl
0x00007f45ef2b603e: sete %al
0x00007f45ef2b6041: and %cl,%al
0x00007f45ef2b6043: add $0x8,%rsp
0x00007f45ef2b6047: retq

As you can see, the upper 32 bits of the function address that the function is making a call to are incorrect.
Consequently, the program makes an invalid memory access when jumping to 0x7f46005ce64e.
Is this a known bug, or am I doing something wrong?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Nicholas Chapman