bug fixes and enhancements

(I’ve already filed a couple of Radars about this; rdar://24025436 and rdar://26090553, for those with Radar access.)

The script that ships with LLDB/Xcode is broken. It has a few outright bugs, for which I have fixes, and it also relies on an external script that has undocumented behaviour and that the script looks for in the home directory of the user “rc” (not a safe thing to do on e.g. university networks, as it would allow that user to hijack the shell of any user trying to symbolicate using

It’s also useful for it to be able to cope with the output from the Mac OS X “sample” tool, so I’ve added support for that too.

You can find the updated version here:

It would be nice if, at some point, this got merged back into the official release...

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