Create dll without lib


sorry if the english is not correct, i hope it is clear what i would like to get.

Use debian 10

i am using the lld :: mingw :: link (lld10) method to create my DLL library and i have noticed that .lib files are not generated. In version 7, they were automatically generated and I had not found any option to prevent the creation of the .lib.

Since I prefer the behavior of version 10, that is, the generation of the dll without lib, I thought that this setting had been implemented in later versions, but when I try to create an executable and add a dll, it returns the error message:

lld-link: error: test.dll: bad file type. Did you specify a DLL instead of an import library?

The questions at this point are these:

  1. Is there any way to create a dll without import (.lib or dll.a) and import it into an .exe?

  2. Does the fact that there is no .lib file mean that the dll can be loaded without .lib? If the answer is YES, why then do I get the error message?

Thank you.