Creating an instance of new pass manager in tool


I am writing a tool within an external project, and I need to use an instance of the new pass manager to invoke LLVM analyses. It used to be possible to create an initialized instance of the legacy::FunctionPassManager by providing the Module to the constructor. I was unable to find a corresponding way to initialize an instance of the new FunctionAnalysisManager. When I tried to construct an instance of FunctionAnalysisManager and use it, none of the passes were registered and I found myself having to register every single LLVM pass, even if it is not directly invoked by my tool (which is not feasible). What is the correct way to do this?


-Adel Ejjeh

Looking at the existing users of the new pass manager may be useful. See BackendUtil.cpp for how Clang sets up the new pass manager, and NewPMDriver.cpp for how opt sets it up.

There should be no need to initialize individual passes, although you can inject your own analyses (e.g. alias analysis).

Thanks Arthur

I will look at those files, it sounds like they should contain what I need.


This example of a stand-alone tool in llvm-tutor might be helpful: llvm-tutor/StaticMain.cpp at main · banach-space/llvm-tutor · GitHub

I've not played with it much myself, so you may discover that it's too basic :slight_smile: