Creating llvm/DebugInfo/Msf folder

Hi all,

If you don’t care about Debug Info or PDB files you can stop reading now.

Just wanted to give a heads up that I’m planning to add a new folder under DebugInfo called Msf.

MSF stands for Multi-Stream File and is the container format used by PDB debug info files. However, MSF by itself is generic enough that it need not contain PDB data, and in fact I can think of at least one other case of MSF files being used to store non-PDB data.

Currently, we have llvm/DebugInfo/PDB which contains both our knowledge of the PDB format as well as our knowledge of the MSF format. And worse, some of this knowledge of MSF files is in DebugInfo/CodeView. And in some cases we are saying PDB when we really mean MSF, and in some cases we are saying MSF when we really mean PDB.

To make the distinction clearer, and to provide a theoretical means by which someone could use MSF to store non-PDB data, I have a patch to move all our of MSF knowledge into a separate library.

I’m planning to commit this later today, and mostly just wanted to give a heads up in case people are surprised when they see a new directory pop up under DebugInfo.

While I personally prefer the rolling caps convention for initialisms, all caps is the more widely used convention across LLVM. In fact, lib/DebugInfo/PDB is right next to it, so I’d go with that.

Other than that, yeah, sounds good. :slight_smile:

I actually regret doing all caps for PDB, and there seems to be mixed use of all caps / rolling caps even with dwarf (some places say DWARF, others say Dwarf). I don’t feel too strongly aside from the minor inconvenience of having to change thousands of occurrences where I already used rolling caps though :-/

I have about 5 patches in the pipeline which are all using Camel case. If I fix this one up, it’s going to make the rest very difficult. To keep things simple I will probably check it in as rolling case, and after the rest of these patches go in, if people feel strongly I can do a single pass to change everything to all caps at once.

FWIW, I much prefer initialisms not use rolling caps convention.

FWIW, I much prefer initialisms not use rolling caps convention.

I prefer initialisms use the all caps as well.