Cross-compiling Clang on Gentoo Linux

I have an issue with cross-compilation of Clang. The distribution I am
using is Gentoo Linux. The issue occurs due to the missing
`clang-tblgen` binary, so the build fails with the message
"/usr/bin/clang-tblgen not found or usable", as that binary is needed
to cross compile clang.
I came across some discussions in [1] and [2], and from what I
researched, the `clang-tblgen` binary is not installed by the clang's
build system.
Additional CMake configuration options added when Clang is cross
compiled on Gentoo Linux can be seen in the ebuild [3].
I am not sure whether it is necessary to manually build the `tblgen`
binary, or is there another way to do this? Could someone point me to
a workaround for this?

Thank you for your help!


On Ubuntu 20.04 I have


The first three were installed from the distribution. The last was compiled from the llvm-project at github. I do not have a clang-tblgen.

Is your sequence something like this?

git clone cd llvm-project

And then what do you do?

Neil Nelson