cross compiling for Sparc

Hi all,

I am trying to build a cross compiler for Sparc on x386 host. I tried to run configure with

configure --enable-targets=sparc
or with

configure --target=sparc

but in both cases I got llvm compiler for x86 target. Is there a way to build a cross compiler
for Sparc (or ARM)?


– Fima Rabin

Hi Fima,

If you're building llvmCore, then it builds a compiler for all targets by default. The target is selected at runtime. You can use -mtriple, -march and such as options to llc to control which target to emit code for.

e.g., to produce an ARM assembly file from a foo.bc bitcode file:
llc -march=arm foo.bc

If you haven't read it already, has good information which should help. Likewise, if you're building the llvm-gcc front end as well as the llvmCore back-end, should help get you moving in the right direction.