CROSS HW Section

Hi folks,

I won’t be able to make the design meeting tomorrow, I’ll be at the CROSS conference. If you’re interested, there are a variety of CIRCT-related talks. Quoting an email from Jose Renau:

Pass around the free registration: CROSS Research Symposium , Oct 11-14, 2021

The plan is to have a section from 10 to noon on Wednesday with this schedule:

-10:00-10:20am Mark’s talk related to GitHub - google/xls: XLS: Accelerated HW Synthesis

-10:25-10:45am Jemery talk related to PyRTL by UCSBarchlab

-10:50-11:40am Panel (Beamer + Heffernan + Lattner + Renau + Sherwood)

-10:40-noon Sheng & Sakshi talk related to GitHub - masc-ucsc/livehd: Live Hardware Development (LiveHD), a productive infrastructure for Synthesis and Simulation

Sounds interesting. I’ll definitely attend CROSS. I suspect some others will as well. Since we have nothing on the schedule besides that, should we cancel tomorrow’s ODM?

Yeah let’s do that. I’ll add a note to the agenda