Cross os/host reproducible build for uefi firmware

Hi Rui,

Just let you know that we finally enabled the “cross os/host reproducible build” for Uefi firmware, which is to generate exactly same firmware release binary across different operating systems(e.g. Linux, Windows). The magic behind it is that we use the clang and llvm linker (lld) as the cross-OS build toolchain:

The “cross os/host reproducible build” is an extension for reproducible build ( and make the firmware binary to be real OS independent, which has several significant benefits for us:

· Cut the validation/testing effort for different OS built binaries.

· Harden firmware binary security, guarantee identical build results in different OS.

· Easily to support customer and reproduce their build or runtime failures。

Thank you again for your help in our enabling work. LLVM is really cool!



Great news! For lld, we’ve been careful to make output reproducible, and we’ve been making efforts to make it easy for cross build, so it feels to me that we are rewarded. If you need any help/questions, feel free to ask.