Cross-referencing Phabricator reviews and Github issues


It would be useful if there was some way to automatically cross-reference Phabricator reviews and Github issues; for example, such that if you mention a Github issue number in the description of a Phabricator review, a bot automatically posts a comment to the Github issue with a link to the review.

Is there some integration we could activate to accomplish this?


Hi Nate,

What we’ve been doing recently is just paste the full link to the issue in the patch description.
You get:

  • a link from phab to the issue (immediately)
  • a link from the issue to the commit (when it lands)

You don’t get a link from the issue to the commit while it’s under review, or the issue assigned to the author of the commit, which would be nice to have.
I don’t know any simple way to make that work, and I’m not sure if it’d be worth the effort. In the medium term I’d expect LLVM to move to github pull requests, at which point this would just work, I think.