CUDA 11 support

What’s need to be done to support CUDA 11
in both clang and openmp projects? Currently Clang supports up to 10.1, while 10.2 is available.

Hi Itaru,

the OpenMP side is not really picky about CUDA versions (too much).

Clang support comes in two varieties, at least, and you should move this discussion to cfe-dev if you want a more detailed answer.

Basic support is usually downwards compatible, you pipe only old CUDA features in, it should work fine.

Proper support would include all the new CUDA features and semantic changes.

The warning Clang issues basically says that only the former support is available.

So to answer the question what is needed to support CUDA version X, implement all the new features that came with X.

If you want to know where we are with 10.1 or 11, please ask on cfe-dev :slight_smile:



Thanks. As I've started developing my OpenMP offloading app on Arm
(ThunderX2 with V100) with
CUDA Toolkit 11, I just wanted to make sure if I can continue to use
my locally built Clang.