Current status of `DIArgList` / multiple inputs to debug intrinsics

I am curious about the current status of the DIArgList work to support multiple inputs. I believe the last discussion about this work was this 2021 thread: [DebugInfo] The current status of debug values using multiple machine locations

From what I can tell, we have had IR level support for multiple debug inputs for a bit, but I’ve also seen code gen patches for multiple inputs fly by in recent weeks. Is multiple input support generally meant to work now, or is there still more work to do to wire up this feature? If there is still more work to do, what’s left? If it is considered finished, then is it time to close this related issue?

Perhaps @StephenTozer or @jmorse are most likely to know the answer.

Thanks to everyone involved for their work on this feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d definitely classify the basic feature as “done”, the DIArgList equivalent for MIR is DBG_VALUE_LIST and has been landed for some time; the recent CodeGen patches have been adding support for multiple inputs in DBG_INSTR_REF instructions. There is still plenty of room for further features (such as using variadic debug values to represent fragmented variables in a single expression, and using conditionals to reconstruct merged debug values), but those should have separate issues.

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