Current Status of f18


I was just trying to understand the current status of f18, I
understand it has been christened as "flang" in the latest LLVM repo.
I was trying to understand the current status of f18. As mentioned in
this (
webpage, f18 has a few phases, the last phase being "Produce the
Intermediate Representation".

Have all the phases of f18 been implemented or some of them are TODO?
Because when I forked the repo and was printing verbose "-v" for a
sample compilation, both by the old and new flang drivers, looked like
f18 is acting as a source-to-source compiler (generating a f90) file,
which is then compiled with gfortran to produce the object file.

Secondly, is there any timeline when the dependency on gfortran is
planned to be removed and flang will generate LLVM IR, which can be
fed into the mid-end?

Thank you so much.