current status of openmp

Looking at the portions of the OpenMP3.1_Validation which
currently fail on x86_64-apple-darwin14 at r236714 with
applied, I see...

#Tested Directive t ct ot oct

omp_threadprivate 100 100 - -

omp_task_untied 0 - 0 -

omp_taskyield 100 100 10 -

omp_task_final 0 - 0 -

Perhaps the openmp maintainers could expound on which of these will be
fixed for the 3.7 release and which are optional features which won't
be implemented.

    Certain test regress in their verification level if 'make ctest'
is repeated enough times. Is this a defect in the OpenMP3.1_Validation
test suite or a fragility in the current openmp support for those

omp_flush 100 95 100 100

omp_for_lastprivate 100 100 100 80

omp_flush 100 100 100 95

omp_parallel_sections_reduction 100 100 100 95

Jack, untied tasks and final task will be supportd soon.
As to tests from test suite, yes, they are fragile and sometimes just unable to verify constructs completely. Also, it seems to me there is a bug in tests for threadprivate construct, that's why there

- - in orphaned tests

Best regards,
Alexey Bataev

I see, we will double check the threadprivate test.