"Custom" plus "libcall" legalisation

Hi all,

I am developing a LLVM backend for a custom architecture which will be used for demonstration purposes in an academic environment.

I have already achieved some major goals and the backend is already producing correct assembly code in most circumstances.

However, I have now an issue that I do not know how to solve. I want to implement an instruction that should be lowered as ‘custom’ or as ‘libcall’ depending on the operators. Particularly, I want that shift instructions (namely SRA, SHL and SRL) get lowered to ‘custom’ code when the shift amount is a constant, but I want to call a function otherwise. So far, I have set the operation action to ‘custom’. In the LowerShifts function I determine whether the shift amount is a constant, and I generate custom code for that case. When the shift amount is not a constant, I return a target-specific ISD, which is lately processed as a Custom Inserter.

I want to replace the Custom Inserter by a call to a function (or libcall?), but I am lost at the way to implement that. I can think on several scenarios, but none of them seems to be easy or clear to me. Ideally, I would want to create the libcall directly form the the LowerShift custom code, but I do know if that is even possible. This leads to the following questions:

(1) Is there a way to convert the ‘custom’ legalisation to ‘libcall’, once I determine (In LowerShifts) that the shift amount was not a constant?
(2) Can I create function call node from my LowerShifts function?
(3) I have separate Shift instructions for constant and non constant shifts in MyTargetInstrInfo.td. Is there a way to get the shift instructions legalised as ‘custom’ or as ‘libcall’ depending on the case?
(4) In case I keep the Custom Inserter, can I emit code to call a function from that? If so, how?
(5) Any other suggestions to achieve the desired behaviour?

Any replies would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.
(Sorry for my English)

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