CXTypeKind for plain char?

Hey all,

why is there no CXTypeKind in clang-c/Index.h for "plain chars"? See e.g. [1],
which says that these three types are inherently different:

char c1;
unsigned char c2;
signed char c3;

For now (clang 3.3) I cannot differentiate between c1 and c3, as clang will
give me a CXType_Char_S kind for c1 as well. That might be true,
implementation wise - but from the pov of a IDE or similar tool, I might want
to know whether the user defined the signedness explicitly or not.



I believe that there are such types: CXType_Char_U and CXType_Char_S
are for "char", which CXType_UChar and CXType_SChar are for "unsigned
char" and "signed char" respectively. (If you don't care whether
"char" is signed or unsigned, you can treat Char_U and Char_S the same

-- James

Doh, indeed - sorry for the noise and thanks for the clarification.