Cygwin build is still broken

Happy New Year all,

I've just updated to the latest CVS version and cygwin port is still
broken. When building full llvm:

llvm[3]: Compiling crtend.c for Debug build (bytecode)
llvm[3]: Compiling listend.ll for Debug build
llvm[3]: Linking comp_main.bc component...
assertion "(Result->isFirstClassType() || Result == Type::VoidTy ||
isa<OpaqueType>(Result)) && "LLVM functions cannot return aggregates""
failed: file "Type.cpp", line 373
make[3]: ***
main.bc] Error 1

Any ideas? Has anybody been able to replicate this issue?
GNU assembler 2.15.91 20040725
gcc (GCC) 3.4.1 (cygming special)


Cygwin builds just fine for me. It looks like you're using the wrong
tools. Please read:

noting that the 2.15.91 version of as that comes with Cygwin is broken
and that you need to use just 2.15.

Please also note this document:

You MUST build the llvm-gcc and llvm-g++ tools from the latest CVS, the
1.4 release fails to compile under Cygwin.