Dead Links in LLVM Programmer's Manual

In the STL section of the LLVM Programmer’s Manual
contains two links to SGI pages that no longer exist. There are several mirrors for them though, for example

Would be nice if the links in the programmer’s manual were adjusted to point to a mirror not some sgi/hp login page so some other beginner does not have to follow dead links.

I don’t know how relevant that documentation really is nowadays… A LOT has changed since that was written.

Perhaps best if removed altogether?

As a beginner trying to get an insight into the arcana of working inside LLVM I have no idea what is or is not relevant.

Fair enough.

My point was to general C++ programming, not specifically LLVM. We don’t use “the SGI STL” per se, we use the C++ standard library, which is designed from SGI’s original implementation, but with many additions and some changes (it’s been decades since SGI released that).

The document already has some good references to understanding the standard library, so I guess we just need to remove the SGI’s one.

I’ve done that, and updated a few more links that were stale, and added HTTPS to all of them in You can see the result in LLVM Programmer’s Manual — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks for the clarification and the update. I feared from your original comment above that the entire programmer’s manual was irrelevant. As a beginner with both LLVM and C++ — I used to be a Pascal programmer but the last commercial code I wrote was an XM parser in VAX BASIC! — everything and anything is a help to get me through the LLVM/C++ arcana.

Oh! Now that I read again, I do see your point! By “that documentation” I meant SGI’s, not LLVM. :smiley:

It’s a lot to go through, but hopefully the docs here (and the others we point to) will help you get there.

Any specific questions, feel free to post here again, and also check IRC or Discord channels for a more interactive experience.