.deb package for LibC++


I’m trying to set up my Ubuntu Yakkety dev environment to use Clang and LibC++.

I’m trying to use Clang 4.0. It is not available in Yakkety by default, but http://apt.llvm.org/ conveniently offers an Apt repository to get the right package. I was able to use that and get Clang 4.0 pretty smoothly.

Similarly, I’d like to use LibC++ 4.0. Yakkety offers 3.7 by default, and it is actually broken. However, it seems that apt.llvm.org does not provide .deb packages for LibC++. Is there anywhere I could find them?

If none exist, how hard would it be to add them? I’d be willing to spend some time trying to make this happen.




Eric, do you know?

I don’t know about any .deb packages for libc++, but I sure would appreciate somebody working on it :slight_smile:



I’d be happy to do this work. However, I have no experience with developing LLVM / Clang / LibC++, so I’ll need some mentoring. I do have some experience on creating Debian packages though, from a few years back. Let me know how we should proceed with this.

For start, where shall I start looking at how Clang packages are created and deployed to apt.llvm.org ?