debug_frame section not generated for Windows 64bit

Hi togehter,

I am currently switching from MinGW-w64 to clang. I am running into a problem with the debug information generated by clang, though. When building with mingw, there will always be an .eh_frame or a .debug_frame section. This is also true for 64bit windows. When I build the same files with clang for the target triple “x86_64-pc-windows-gnu” neither a .debug_frame nor an .eh_frame section is generated.

I there a way for me to explicitly specify via command line that such a section shall be generated?
If not, is there a way to change the llvm/clang source code in a way such that these sections will be generated for the specified target?

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Clang defaults to emitting SEH unwind information on Win64, since it is required by the ABI. DWARF EH tables would be redundant, but you can request them with -fdwarf-exceptions.

Hi Reid,

your suggestion is not a solution to the problem I have. I still want to use SEH on 64bit Windows because it is, as you also pointed out, required by the ABI. I need a .debug_frame or .eh_frame section in addition to the SEH .pdata section. I am aware that the exception handling data would be redundant. Information about e.g. the CFA, which is required by some DWARF-expressions/locations, would not be redundant though.

Is there a way to request both, a .pdata section for SEH style exceptions and a .debug_frame sections, in the same or a similar way to MinGW-w64?

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Got it. I think the CFA is always the address of the return address, so such a DWARF consumer could be retrofitted to parse .xdata, find the caller’s return address, and evaluate expressions using the CFA from there.

I don’t think it’s possible to get LLVM to emit DWARF CFI and Win CFI at the same time. The booleans in the prologue emission suggest that they are mutually exlusive:

bool IsWin64Prologue = MF.getTarget().getMCAsmInfo()->usesWindowsCFI();

bool NeedsDwarfCFI =

!IsWin64Prologue && (MMI.hasDebugInfo() || Fn.needsUnwindTableEntry());

NeedsDwarfCFI controls the emission of the DWARF .cfi_* directives, which normally produce the .eh_frame or .debug_frame sections.

Shoaib, I think you have users of DWARF on Windows? How do they deal with this problem?

Sorry, I missed this.

We don’t have a solution to this, to the best of my knowledge. We just accept the loss of fidelity.