debug info test failures

Hi all,

I’m seeing locally on OS X the same build failures that I’m seeing on the ubuntu 14.04 cmake builedbot:

ERROR: TestWithLimitDebugInfo.TestWithLimitDebugInfo.test_limit_debug_info_dwarf (lang/cpp/limit-debug-info/
ERROR: TestWithLimitDebugInfo.TestWithLimitDebugInfo.test_limit_debug_info_dwo (lang/cpp/limit-debug-info/

It looks something like this:

I temporarily skipped these tests on Darwin and Linux here:

I’ll file a bug in a moment…

I believe I already fixed this issue

Okay. I appeared to be up to date when hitting it, but we may have crossed on it.

I’ll take out the skip if I am not hitting it now. Thanks!

Yea I think r255542 fixes it, or at least it was supposed to. Let me know

Sure enough, it is working now. I must have last checked right before that change. Reverting my skip additions and will close the bug.