debug utilities in VMKit


I am wondering how I can get the JIT'd llvm IR during VMKit execution. I am stuck in precompiling phase (when loading library classes), and I am facing various problems. If I can log the JIT'd llvm IR (from Java bytecode), that would be convenient.

I turned on --enable-debug, but it doesn't seem very helpful at this stage. Any other suggestion is welcome. Thanks very much.


Hi Yi,

If you want to see the generated llvm ir, you have to add a
"func->dump()" in the function JavaLLVMCompiler::parseFunction in the
file "lib/j3/Compiler/JavaLLVMCompiler.cpp" after the line 75. And if
you want to see which java bytecodes are executed (resp compiled), you
have to set the flags DEBUG and JNJVM_EXECUTE (resp JNJVM_COMPILE) to
1 in the file lib/j3/Compiler/JavaJIT.cpp. I think that you also have
to define DEBUG in JavaJITOpcode.cpp, but I don't remember if these
ones still work.

I hope that it helps,