DebugAA, GVN bug?

Hi all,

While testing my own AA, I found it being queried for values that
didn't exist previously. Luckily there's a pass built into LLVM for
catching such things, "Debug-AA", and I used that to confirm that GVN
does this fairly frequently.

I've attached a test case that triggers the bug (reduced from
Stanford/Treesort, for whatever that's worth), this is on LLVM 2.7.

Should this be filed as a bug....?

Additionally it just seems.. /unfortunate/ that we have a pass
specifically designed to catch bugs like this, yet it's not being
used. Don't suppose this is something someone would feel motivated to
add this to some LLVM testing code? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time,


DebugAA-GVN.ll (2.95 KB)

Filed bug report, sorry for the noise.