Debugger crashes while debugging x86-64 on Apple M1

could be similar to lldb crash while debugging wxWidgets application that was built with g++ - #11 by Ed_Maste1

bug filed here

Qt Creator IDE (v7.0.0), Xcode (13.4 (13F17a)), Mac M1 computer, building and debugging an INTEL app (not ARM), on Monterey OS (12.4), gobs of RAM, 64bit app (very large app with many dependencies, multimedia, boost etc)

symptom 1: the log file will stop showing output, even though the app keeps going
symptom 2: pressing pause button in debugger shows “interrupt requested” but the app is now hung and the debugger is hung
symptom 3: if you set a breakpoint instead, when you hit it, app hangs and debugger hangs
symptom 4: if you quit the app, debugger stays in stuck state, must pick “Abort Debuggnig” not once but twice for the app to be killed and the debugger to reset

happens intermittently. i can go for a few runs with no problems, then i have the problem every run, feels random.
rebooting computer doesn’t help
using “separate debug info” or not does not affect problem

see the bug file for detailed logging info regarding llvm crashing out from under the GUI