Debugger default off please

It would be most kind if performance impacting features and things
meant for developers only are turned off by default. While that is the
exact target audience for this library - turning things on by default
also has a stronger tendency to break automated systems as well.



jlpeyton committed rL241852: Turn debugger interface off by default

I don't know if these emails are making it to you guys or not. They seem to be a bit sporadic right now.

-- Johnny

The debugger code isn't "runtime developer"-only. It is for runtime end-users who want to write OpenMP codes and debug them using a debugger.

Also, I believe these changes had little/no impact on performance.

The on-by-default is an artifact of building the library into a product that will be used by OpenMP programmers. However, I'm not opposed to off-by-default if you think it is better suited to this community.

Can you give an example of how this will help an end user debug his code?

Side note: having docs and examples for new features may help
developers and end users understand.

Personally, I think for day-1 features it's way more conservative to
leave them off by default unless there's a very compelling reason to
turn them on-by-default. I counter argument to this is possibly
something which really must get tested and exposed to as many users as
possible (this could be such a feature)


Can you give an example of how this will help an end user debug his code?

Currently, the Intel-extended version of the GDB* (included into Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 2 and Intel (R) Parallel Studio XE 2016 Beta) supports debugging of applications using OpenMP RTL.

Thank you.


Are there any plans to get those patches upstream or make this compatible? I'd almost argue if it's a proprietary extension with no docs (except the source itself) that it may not belong in the repo.

Who reviewed this outside of Intel?

Where's the fill docs on it and please don't point me at an Intel Web page

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