debugging and examining instruction itineraries

I’ve got instruction itineraries in a target file. I’m wondering if they’re having much effect on the output code - is there a commandline switch to llc or opt that tells it to not use itineraries so I can examine the resulting assembly code? I’d like to be able to easily compare a .s file created with itineraries to one without itineraries without having to recompile all of LLVM - is that possible?

Also, are there commandline switches (maybe an option to -debug-only ?) that will output information about how the itineraries are impacting scheduling? (or output any itinerary info at all?)



(Answering my own query in case someone searches this devlist for similar terms)

From what I can tell, my itineraries were ignored until I added -enable-misched to the llc command line. Then to get debug info out related to itineraries/scheduling you need to add -debug-only=misched as well. So for example:

llc lz4.ll -verify-misched -debug-only=misched -enable-misched

That will enable MI scheduling as well as output debug info from misched.