December LLVM bay-area social is this Thursday!

We’ll be at Tied House as usual, starting on Thursday the 5th at 7pm!

If you can, help us plan and RSVP here:

See everyone there!

It looks like Tied House will be shutting down :frowning: Do we have a replacement venue?

Oof. :frowning:

Offhand, I can’t think of any place in particular. As one might imagine, accommodating 50+ people isn’t always super easy for places to do.

Suggestions welcome!

I reached out to Steins (which is right across the street) to see if they can host us. I’ll keep y’all posted, it seemed optimistic in our phone chat.

Mostly worried because we talked to them before and they wanted us to buy a banquet menu at … A lot of dollars.

The guy on the phone said that wouldn’t be a problem :man_shrugging:
I hope that stays correct! Ideally we’d have the same deal: indeterminate number of people, ordering off the menu. I’ll check with you if that’s not the case.

+1, i’m just glad you’re making progress on a promising option!

Still a bit of a Twitter thread too. A few more options maybe if we want to move to downtown San Jose.

In case Steins doesn’t work out… BJs in Cupertino has a large space for groups but that would mean closer to Cupertino area.


Thank you all!

To clarify, a booking with Steins has already been made, yeah?



Woo hoo :slight_smile: