Decoding Conflict - Decoding a register value

Hello all,

I am having a decoding conflict which practically is not a conflict but I don’t know how to resolve it.

Here is the conflict:
TST8a 0011000000000_
TST8d 0011000000___0

The conflict is in the register values. it is actually like this:

TST8a 0011000000000a
TST8d 0011000000ddd0

a can be both 0 and 1. but the value for the register d as defined in starts from one (def D0 : TestReg<0x01, “d0”>,).

I mean ddd is greater equal than one. How can I tell the Tabelgen/disassembler that ddd > 0 so that I don’t get any conflict? (There is no such a case that ddd is 0b000 so that the TST8a and TST8d cannot be distinguishable!)

I don’t know how clear I described, let me know if I have to explain it better.